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Why Visit the Visitor Information Center?

Why Visit the Visitor Information Center?

Make the Yakima Valley Visitor Information Center your first stop on your visit to the Yakima Valley! Whether you’re here to tour Washington’s wine country, take in the nation’s top hop-producing farmland, or enjoy the 300 days of sunshine on an outdoor adventure, the knowledgeable travel consultants will assist you in choosing your ideal itinerary, help you with lodging arrangements, and answer any questions you might have about visiting the Yakima Valley.

With the rise of smartphones and internet technology, many people overlook Visitor Centers when they visit a new place. So why go to the Yakima Valley Visitor Information Center?  As one visitor sums it up on Yelp, “… you should stop by the visitor center before you do anything in (Yakima). Planning your itinerary online is one thing. Having an idea of what you'd like to do is essential. But, if you really want to get some helpful advice and create a "do-able" wine tasting or vineyard visiting itinerary, stop here!”

Take the time to look around the Visitor Center’s gift shop when you get there. Full of unique gifts, souvenirs and apparel, they also have tons of hand-crafted Yakima Valley products and cuisine. And they have a great selection of Yakima Valley wine, beer and cider, along with a rotating array of local wines to sample. Plus you get to keep your wine glass when you taste their wines!

They can provide you with stacks of maps and printed information, on everything from upcoming activities, to where the best bird watching is, or where the coolest happy hours are. Stopping by the Visitor Center puts you in touch with locals who have the inside knowledge on all things Yakima.  Whether you’re looking for an out-of-the-way bed and breakfast spot, or you want to “eat like a local,” the knowledgeable staff will help you craft the perfect tour of the Yakima Valley.

And their genius isn’t limited to just the Yakima Valley! They have tons of information and knowledge about the highways and by-ways that connect through the Valley.  Regardless of your final destination, the Visitor Center staff can get you pointed in the right direction!

And believe it or not, the Visitor Center is one of the best places to stop on your way out of town. Since they offer lots of Yakima Valley products, souvenirs, unique gifts, and local wines, it’s the perfect spot to grab a present for your loved ones back home. Need a gift basket filled with local goodies? They can do that! Sip a complementary cup of coffee while you peruse the gift shop, then grab some last minute directions before you hit the road.

If you want to make the most of your visit to Yakima, the staff at the Visitor Center suggests you check out VisitYakima.com and get an idea of what the Yakima Valley has to offer, then stop in and let them connect the dots and answer any questions.  That way you have a “do-able,” fun, relaxing time exploring the Yakima Valley.