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The Haunts of Downtown Yakima!

The Haunts of Downtown Yakima!

All dressed up in costume and no place to go? Ready for a good scare after spending the day in wine country and at all the harvest events? We’ve crept through the valley and picked out the most haunted buildings and the creepiest events happening in Downtown Yakima this Halloween!

Historic Train Depot

The historic Train Depot, built in 1910, has had many visitors and travelers passing through its doors. Dine at Russilos Pizza & Gelato or get a quick caffeine jolt at North Town Coffee House, which share this large, iconic building which was investigated for the paranormal. Yakima’s P.A.S.T. (Paranormal and Spirit Team) and Paranormal Investigators of Historical America videotaped a door closing by itself, photographed orbs and electronic voice phenomenon. Patrons and staff have reported hearing children playing, lively organ music coming from the attic, faucets turning off by themselves, doors shutting and the “lady in white” was sighted on the staircase leading to the attic. The basement once included an entryway to underground tunnels running beneath Yakima, and the train station furnace was used to cremate bodies during a typhoid epidemic in the early 1900’s. Maybe those spirits are still waiting there!


Gilbert Cellars

Stop for a glass of wine at Gilbert Cellars, where footsteps echo on the stairs with no one there and wine glasses have been known to jump off the racks. Celebrate pumpkins and pigskins on October 30th as the Seahawks swoop in to try and beat the New Orleans Saints.


The Capitol Theatre

Originally built in 1920, and then rebuilt in 1975 after a fire destroyed all but the façade, this iconic theatre is known to be extremely haunted. Doors opening and closing by themselves, curtains lowering and stage lights malfunctioning, vocal phenomenon and floating orbs have been recorded during many paranormal investigations. You may even meet the ghost who still lives in the theatre! Make sure and wear your costume to the Halloween Spooktacular on October 29, a Halloween-themed matinee concert for the whole family, with costume contests and special surprises!


Sports Center

Grab dinner at the Sports Center, which was originally built in 1908 as a hotel and diner. Upstairs, above the restaurant are the rooms of the Columbia Hotel, once part of a brothel complete with rumors of murder and mafia connections. Sounds of clinking glassware and unexplained eerie chills have been reported by Sports Center staff. In 2009, members of Past Is Present investigated the site and gathered audio, video and photographic evidence, concluding the Sports Center is haunted by “several residual and intelligent spirits.” The Sports Center may rank among the “most active locations in the Pacific Northwest!”


Spooktacular Events!

Start your weekend on the dark side of the moon with the Pink Floyd laser show at Hop Nation Brewery! The live music kicks off at 6pm, and the laser light show and “The Wall” start playing at 9 pm. There is a $5 suggested donation.

Kana Winery will be entertaining spirits with live music from The Fruit Tramps, Saturday October 29. 7 -10 pm. Wear your costume for a chance to win a prize!

Want to find out more about Downtown Yakima’s haunted past? Take the free horrifying guided walking tour on October 29 at 6:30pm. Hear about bone chilling, spine tingling and shocking true historical events!

Halloween night, feast on Cheese Zombies during the RISE of the Cheese Zombies at BronYr Aur Brewery. Open at 4pm. They’re ghoulishly delicious!


We hope everyone has a safe, fun and spooky Halloween in the Yakima Valley!