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Picture Perfect Views of Mount Adams

Picture Perfect Views of Mount Adams

Mount Adams is one of the most iconic views in the Yakima Valley.  Rising 12,280 feet into the skyline, Adams serves as a beautiful backdrop to the Yakama Indian Reservation.  There are many places where you can frame the perfect photo with the mountain in the background, and we’ve put together some of the most unique spots.

Treveri Cellars, the only sparkling wine house in the Yakima Valley, offers amazing views of the mountain from their outside patio. Just up the road from Treveri, Owen Roe Winery  has a beautiful view from the top of their lush vineyards.

Knight Hill Winery has the highest elevation of all the wineries in the Rattlesnake Hills, which means both Mount Adams and Mount Rainier are visible, along with vineyards, orchards and fields of the Rattlesnake Hills AVA.

Just down the road from Knight Hill, Highland Drive and Gilbert Road both have great views of the mountains , and also lead to VanArnam Vineyards sitting on a small hill full of orchards, vineyards. Neighboring Hyatt Vineyards  and Dineen Vineyards both have excellent views of the mountains, framed by plentiful vineyards.

Continuing deeper into the Rattlesnake Hills, Maison de Padgett Winery’s garden is a beautiful spot to sit and enjoy the mountain view. And Portteus Vineyards at the end of Highland Drive is where you can catch one of the clearest and widest views of Mount Adams. Heading back toward Yakima, swing by Bonair Winery  and enjoy the mountain view from their patio and duck pond.

As you travel out of the Yakima Valley on I-82 west, you can get one last look at the mountain at the viewpoint at the rest area just past the Fred Redmond Bridge.