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World Walking Day! Yes, there is One!

World Walking Day! Yes, there is One!

May 9th is World Walking Day as celebrated by the American Volksport Association. The American Volksport Association started in Germany as a “personal fitness sports and recreation program offering noncompetitive walks, hikes, bike rides, swims, and in some regions cross-country skiing.*” The Yakima Valley has 5 sanctioned volkssporting walks, all are 5k and 10K.

You may enroll in an incentive awards program, keeping records of distances walked and events completed. The record books are stamped when the events are completed and after processing at the Association headquarters, achievement awards consisting of a patch, pin and certificate are returned to the participant.

The walks listed below can be done at your leisure and is are not an organized event. Start at the designated location; ask for walk box, register to pick up your walking map. There is not a fee, unless you are keeping a record to receive an achievement award, there is a cost for the record book.

  • Zillah, WA: Walk Box is at the registration desk of Vintage Valley Inn. Walk takes you passed historic city locations such as the Zillah Tea Pot Dome to the canal road which is gravel, adjacent to farmlands and residential areas, and back. There are restaurants in downtown Zillah for a bite to eat. Walk April 1- October 31, dawn to dusk. There is no shade along canal road.
  • Prosser, WA: Walk Box is at the registration desk at the Best Western PLUS The Inn at Horse Heaven. Walk April 1- October 31. The terrain is almost entirely on pavement with very small hills or very little stair climbing. This walk takes you through Vintners Village Wineries through the Prosser Downtown Historical district and residential areas. There are many wineries and restaurants along the course.
  • Yakima, WA: Walk Box is at the registration desk at the Oxford Inn. March 1 - October 31. Walk on the Paved paved Yakima Greenway Path along scenic Yakima River and on grass/ gravel in Yakima Arboretum and return. Restaurants close by.
  • Yakima, WA: Walk box is at the stand on the inside door in the left corner of Powerhouse Grill. Chesterley Park route follows Powerhouse Canal Pathway. Through through residential neighborhoods and parks. Mostly flat with a few hills. Restaurants and shopping nearby. March 1 – October 31 closed Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Yakima, WA: Ask for a Walk Box at the Dairy Queen Service Counter in West Valley, Yakima, 7410 West Nob Hill. April 1 – October 31 10am-10pm closed Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas. Restaurants and shopping nearby.
  • For a pamphlet of all 23 Seasonal Walks in Central Washington as well as information on receiving awards/credit for walks stop at the Yakima Valley Visitor Information Center.

Non AVA Walking Event on May 9, 2015

*Excerpt from American Volksport Association Fact Sheet / Info.