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In Pursuit of Port

In Pursuit of Port

Relax in front of the fireplace on a winter evening with a glass of port. Pair with a decadent chocolate dessert for an after dinner treat. Listed below are the Port Wines of the Yakima Valley. Visit the Yakima Valley during Red Wine & Chocolate Weekend, February 14 – 16, 2015. Enjoy red wines paired with chocolate delicacies and pick up a bottle of port for a special occasion or a special someone.

Wineries of Downtown Yakima

  • Gilbert Cellars:

    • Tempranillo Dessert Wine: A blend of our best vintages of Tempranillo.

Rattlesnake Hills Wine Trail, Zillah, WA

  • Bonair Winery:

    • 2010 Gewurztraminer White Port: Talk about a wine for holidays and celbrations, this is the perfect accompaniment for rich desserts such as divinity, white chocolate and white fruitcake. It has nose of peaches and honeysuckle. It was aged in neutral French Oak barrels for ten months. As a summer refresher, mix it 50-50 with seltzer and a twist of lime. More refreshing than beer! 18.5% alcohol. 750 ml bottle $20.00
    • 2008 Touriga Port: Very much like an Oporto. Smooth late-bottled vintage style 18.5% Alcohol 750ml $24.00.
  • Horizons Edge Winery:

    • 2004 Intimate Affair Reserve Port
    • Wishful Thinking Chocolate Port
    • 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Port
  • Paradisos del Sol:

    • 2010 Zort: 375ml Zort?!? Yes! A Ruby Angelica wine based on Zinfandel grapes. This very limited production is meant to be consumed with friends — and a raspberry-infused chocolate truffle — or a pear with Stilton cheese — as an aperitif with salted nuts — or in front of a fire on a howling winter night while releasing its captive sunshine.
    • Angelica MRS. 2011 375 ml $25 ($21.25 case quantity price, mixed case of 12 always OK) Rattlesnake Hills (161 cases produced, released 07/13) Angelicas were originally made at the California missions as communion wine. We make this for giving thanks with family and friends at the meal’s end—with pie or cheesecake or crème brûlée! Blended from Muscat, Riesling, and Semillon.
  • Portteus Winery:

    • Port 2007: Traditional Late Bottled Vintage Port style made from 88% Cabernet Sauvignon and 12% Petite Sirah. High Proof brandy was added mid fermentation stopping the yeast and leaving 7% natural grape residual sugars. Tasting notes; flavors of cherry cordials, licorice and chocolate syrup.
  • Tanjuli:

    • Black Muscat Port 2013 Made from Muscat of Hamburg. The delicate rose petal bouquet adds to the unique sweet spicy flavor. $35.00 per bottle.
  • Windy Point Winery:

    • Ruby Left-Side - $25.00. A syrah-based port, that is lighter and less thick than most ports, with more berry flavor. Pairs well with cheesecake, chocolate and vanilla ice cream.
  • Wineglass Cellars:

    • 2004 Port: New Release A tawny style port barrel aged for seven years before bottling. 98 cases produced. $25.00/375ml bottle, $255.00/case

Prosser, WA Wineries

  • Davenlore Winery:

    • 2011 Syrah Forté: Snipes Mountain Wine Lore: Can you say raspberry? This is the 7th release of the Daven Lore Syrah Forte using grapes from the Snipes Mountain vineyard. And every year, the wine overwhelmingly expresses a characteristic raspberry flavor. For those of you who are skeptical when it comes to the influence of site on wine flavor, we offer this opportunity to experience raspberry in a bottle for dessert.
  • Desert Wind Winery:

    • 2009 Desert Wind La Puerta - 500 ml. Our Port-inspired dessert wine combines the toasted nutty flavors of tawny Port with the rich, dark fruitiness of a ruby Port. Aromas and flavors of buttered hazelnuts, dark chocolate and raspberry intermingle with honey, raisin and sweet date, making for a hedonistic drinking experience. Try this paired with a bittersweet chocolate soufflé, bread pudding or your favorite blue cheese.
  • Kestrel Vintners:

    • 2012 Port: The color is almost black, with a very thin garnet ring. In the nose you will be greeted with aromas of sweet cherries, chocolate, elderberry, plum jam, licorice, figs, and dried fruits. It is oddly reminiscent of brandy soaked fruit cake.
  • Vine Hart Winery:

    • Emma Marie Port Zinfandel. $17.00. Excellent with Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream, pour over the top and enjoy. It also goes well with a fire in the fireplace, a good book, your dog at your feet while you relax in the rocking chair and sip gently as you relax from a hard day. This beautiful port was named after our youngest Granddaughter.
  • Thurston Wolfe Winery:

    • JTW’s Port 2010: $12.50/375 ml Our 2010 JTW's Port is a blend of Touriga Nacional (42%) from the Lonesome Spring Vineyard, Cabernet Sauvignon (25%) from the Crawford Vineyard and 4% each Tinta Cao and Souzao from the Upland Vineyard, all in the Yakima Valley and Petite Sirah (25%) from the Zephyr Ridge Vineyard in the Horse Heaven Hills. Descriptors: Black cherry, boysenberry, chocolate, spice and black pepper. Enjoy with anything chocolate, Stilton cheese and Bartlett pears, or curled up next to a winter fire. 19% alcohol, 10% residual sugar. Bottled July 2013 and released June 2014.
    • JTW Reserve Port 2010: $16/375 ml. Our 2010 JTW Reserve is a blend of three traditional Portuguese port varieties in equal proportions. The varieties include Touriga Nacional from the Lonesome Spring Vineyard in the Yakima Valley and Tinta Cao and Souzao from the Upland Vineyard on Snipes Mountain. Featuring a deep garnet color, the aroma is chocolate, plum, black cherry, coffee and spice. 100 cases of 375ml bottles produced and sold exclusively from the winery and select retail accounts. Double Gold Medal - San Francisco International Wine Competition!
    • Touriga Nacional Port 2011: $12.50/375 ml Touriga Nacional is one of the traditional Portuguese port varieties from the Douro region of Portugal. fruit from the Lonesome Spring Vineyard in the Yakima Valley. The 2011 vintage was exceptional enough for a single varietal port. Gold Medal - Seattle Wine Awards!
    • Tawny Port Aged 8 years in cask! Tawny Port: $16/375 ml. Dark tawny in color with a ruby hue from the Zinfandel, the wine is redolent of figs, butterscotch, caramel, vanilla bean and Madeira with flavors of cherry liqueur, roasted almonds and plum preserves. Perfect by itself or with your favorite chocolate desserts, pecan pie or Turkish coffee with chocolate curls gelato. Gold Medal - Northwest Wine Summit! Best Washington Wine - 2014 Northwest Wine Summit.
  • Tucker Cellars:

    • Syrah Ruby Port 375ml. $15. 2 for $25. 100% Syrah Grapes create this port. Rich and complex in flavors of pomegranate, raspberry and wild cherry, makes a luscious full body sipping wine. A wonderful dessert wine.
    • Syrah Tawny Port. 100% Syrah grapes aged in French Oak provides a rich and complex Tawny Port. Luscious black cherry and pomegranate flavors are balanced to the finish. Sip or serve with dark chocolate desserts, aged cheese and raw nuts.

Goldendale, WA

  • Maryhill Winery:

    • 2008 Vintage Port. $18.00 Warm aromas of toasted raisin bread and dark cherry are followed by a finish of blackberry cobbler and caramel making this port perfect after a hearty dinner or as a stand alone treat.

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