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View Elk & Bighorn Sheep Up Close!

View Elk & Bighorn Sheep Up Close!

Due to unusually warm winter the elk have not come down from higher elevation to feed. Contact WDFW to see if they are feeding yet.

View wild Elk up close at the Oak Creek Wildlife Feeding Station. See the herd of bighorn sheep at the Cleman Mountain Feeding Site nearby. This is a unique experience where your family can learn about nature, animals living in the Cascade Mountains and the habits of wildlife.

The Oak Creek Wildlife Feeding Station is located on The White Pass Scenic Byway (Hwy 12), less then 30 minutes from downtown Yakima. Elk migrate from the mountains to the feeding station in the foothills when the snow pack gets deep. The Rocky Mountain Elk bulls’ average weight is 450-900 lbs. During severe winters as many as 8,000 elk may use the feeding areas. See these majestic animals up close as they are being fed daily at 1:30pm. A normal winter season is mid-December to early March. Truck tours take visitors out amongst the elk by reservation. These tours are supported by donations.

The Visitor Center at the Oak Creek Headquarters is open every day between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. The Center features a video program, exhibits, and a kids’ corner. There is no charge to view the exhibits but donations are welcomed. The Discover Pass is required for parking.

Cleman Mountain Feeding Site: Bighorn sheep can be viewed at the Cleman Mountain feeding site nearby. The sheep are fed mid-morning. Driving from Yakima, the entrance to the site is the first right just passed the junction of Highway 12 and 410.

The Yakima Area Wildlife Viewing Guide is a valuable resource outlining all the areas to view nature and wildlife up-close in the Yakima Valley. The brochure includes a map to the natural areas and descriptions of the wildlife seen. The printed brochure is available at the Yakima Valley Visitor Information Center.