What’s Happening NOW in the Yakima Valley
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Raft the Tieton River

Raft the Tieton River

Experience the thrill of the fastest whitewater in Washington State! For one short month, the Tieton River becomes a wild ride on Class 3 rapids, dropping 55 feet of elevation each mile!

Known as the “flip-flop,” this special time of year happens every September when the water flowing out of the Rimrock Reservoir is increased, dramatically affecting the Tieton and Naches rivers. Designed to make way for spawning salmon and to provide for the irrigation needs of the Yakima Valley, the flip-flop’s additional benefit is turning the Tieton River into one of the best white-water rafting areas in all of Washington! The total trip is 12 miles long, and takes around three hours. And since the water has been warmed in Rimrock Lake all summer, this is also some of the warmest whitewater rafting in the state!

If you want to ensure you have a safe and exhilarating experience without the worry, book a professionally guided rafting trip. The local guides are experienced with every aspect of the challenges of the river, and will ensure you have a thrilling and safe adventure! Even first-time rafters will be paddling like a pro within just a few minutes!

Osprey Rafting Company offers all-inclusive tours to make your rafting trip as easy as possible.  They provide wetsuits, paddles, helmets, life jackets, safety talk, and friendly, experienced guides, plus all your transportation to and from their staging area. Each trip includes a BBQ Lunch of beef, chicken or veggie burgers, local watermelon, fresh corn-on-the-cob, chips and salsa and refreshing lemonade. And if you want to stay overnight, take advantage of free camping right alongside the river!

Want to check out the action on the river before you take the ride of your life? There are numerous areas along Highway 12 where you can pull the car over to watch groups of rafters shooting by.

Time slots fill up fast during this incredible time, so book here now, or email reservations@ospreyrafting.com!