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Archive for the Nature Category

Date Posted - 02/25/2015

Zoom Zoom the Blooms

Zoom Zoom the Blooms

Plan your visit the Yakima Valley in the spring. Enjoy acres of apple, cherry, peach, pear orchards in bloom driving along scenic country roads. Begin your drive with a stop at the Yakima Area Arboretum. Tour the grounds interesting vignette’s, from a rose garden to a Japanese garden, surrounded by beautifully landscaped areas adjacent to the Yakima Greenway Path. The Yakima Arboretum gift shop is filled with unique gifts, gardeners will appreciate.…Read More. #spirits and hops trail

Date Posted - 03/04/2015

River Views by Bicycle!

River Views by Bicycle!

You can now bicycle, walk, skateboard, or rollerblade 18 miles on the Yakima Greenway, a paved pathway following the Yakima River and Naches River, continuing west to the city of Naches.…Read More.

Date Posted - 03/25/2015

7 Spring Events for Kids

7 Spring Events for Kids

Kids on Spring Break? Want to getaway to have some fun with the family? Yakima offers many opportunities, from local parks and family fun centers to events just for kids. Here are seven spring events especially for kids. Time to go play!…Read More. #family friendly #fishing #parade

Date Posted - 04/21/2015

Nature's Wonder: A Butterfly Migration

Nature's Wonder: A Butterfly Migration

Did you know that there is a species of butterfly that migrates from the Yakima Valley to Mt Rainier and back each year? This migration starts mid-May from the Snow Mountain Ranch Trail area of the Cowiche Canyon Conservancy. The Coronis Fritillary butterflies are following the blooming plants of the shrub Steppe Habitat to the higher elevations.…Read More. ##butterfly #migration #cowiche canyon

Date Posted - 01/15/2015

View Elk & Bighorn Sheep Up Close!

View Elk & Bighorn Sheep Up Close!

View wild Elk up close at the Oak Creek Wildlife Feeding Station. See the herd of bighorn sheep at the Cleman Mountain Feeding Site nearby. This is a unique experience where your family can learn about nature, animals living in the Cascade Mountains and the habits of wildlife.…Read More. #bighorn sheep #elk #elk feeding station

Date Posted - 10/14/2015

5 Fall Harvest Events for the Whole Family!

5 Fall Harvest Events for the Whole Family!

Fall in the Yakima Valley is a wonderful time of year, and there's plenty of family-friendly events and activities in every corner of the Valley.  Read this weeks blog to get some highlights about everything that's happening this fall!…Read More. #fall #family events #harvest #yakimavalley

Date Posted - 10/21/2015

Explore Fall at Snow Mountain Ranch

Explore Fall at Snow Mountain Ranch

Fall is a beautiful time of year in the Yakima Valley, and a quick trip up to Cowiche Canyon is a great way to experience the changing of the seasons!  Take a look at our blog and get more details on ways to explore the shrub steppe habitat!…Read More. # fall # hiking #cowiche canyon #seasons #yakima valley

Date Posted - 12/02/2015

Find Holiday Magic in the Yakima Valley!

Find Holiday Magic in the Yakima Valley!

It's Christmas-time in the Yakima Valley, and there are some wonderful events going on that will make this holiday season extra special!…Read More. # christmas # downtown yakima # yakima valley #events #holiday #winter

Date Posted - 05/11/2016

Touring Red Mountain Wineries

Touring Red Mountain Wineries

Touring the wineries of Red Mountain from the back of a horse-drawn wagon is an experience you can only have in the Yakima Valley!  Come along for the ride!…Read More. # wine country #horseback rides #red mountain #trail rides #wine tasting

Date Posted - 05/18/2016

Farm Fresh Tours of the Yakima Valley!

Farm Fresh Tours of the Yakima Valley!

When you visit the Yakima Valley, you come to the source of the Pacific Northwest's agriculture industry.  Our valley produces an astounding amount of fresh produce, fruits and other commercial crops, and we want you to come see it!  Here's a neat selection of family-friendly tours you can take to really experience some farm fresh fun!…Read More. #ag museum #botanical garden #farm fresh fun #farm tours #produce #tours

Date Posted - 06/22/2016

The Best Spots for a Picnic in the Yakima Valley!