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Archive for the Union Gap Category

Date Posted - 03/04/2015

River Views by Bicycle!

River Views by Bicycle!

You can now bicycle, walk, skateboard, or rollerblade 18 miles on the Yakima Greenway, a paved pathway following the Yakima River and Naches River, continuing west to the city of Naches.…Read More.

Date Posted - 06/16/2015

Old Town Days - Step into History

Old Town Days - Step into History

The first people to settle the city of Union Gap came by wagon train traveling to Puget Sound in 1865. Led by Dr L. H Goodwin they left the trail along the Columbia River and followed the Yakima River north. The settlers stopped at the gap between the hills, Union Gap, deciding not to continue because Goodwin’s wife was ill. Others in Goodwin's party, besides his wife and children, were his nephew Thomas, Walter Lindsey family, John Rozelle family, and William Harrington, Rozelle's son-in-law. Goodwin's wife Priscilla died on December 18, 1865, and was buried on a nearby cliff overlooking the Yakima River. This site near the Goodwin homestead became the Pioneer Cemetery. This year commemorates the 150th year of the Pioneer Graveyard, kicking off Old Town Days.…Read More. #civil war #family friendly

Date Posted - 06/01/2016

Roadside Attractions of the Yakima Valley

Roadside Attractions of the Yakima Valley

Taking a weekend roadtrip and looking for that perfect Instagram shot?  Check out these unique and interesting roadside attractions in the Yakima Valley!  Guaranteed to get you a bunch of likes!…Read More. #road trips #roadside attractions #yakima valley

Date Posted - 12/14/2016

Guide to Outdoor Winter Adventure

Guide to Outdoor Winter Adventure

Looking for some family-friendly outdoor adventure this winter?  The Yakima Valley has you covered!  We are just minutes away from prime outdoor recreation, and we've got all the details to help you plan your trip!  Check it out!…Read More. #chinook pass #cross country skiing #holidays #outdoor adventure #skiing #snowmobiling #white pass #winter #yakima valley