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Archive for the Craft Beverage Category

Date Posted - 02/17/2015

Get Happy with Cocktail Hour Specials!

Get Happy with Cocktail Hour Specials!

Relax with friends after work or enjoy a light supper before attending a concert at the Capitol Theatre or the The Seasons Performance Hall.  Take advantage of the numerous restaurants offering Cocktail Hour specials.…Read More. #downtown yakima #happy hour

Date Posted - 02/25/2015

Zoom Zoom the Blooms

Zoom Zoom the Blooms

Plan your visit the Yakima Valley in the spring. Enjoy acres of apple, cherry, peach, pear orchards in bloom driving along scenic country roads. Begin your drive with a stop at the Yakima Area Arboretum. Tour the grounds interesting vignette’s, from a rose garden to a Japanese garden, surrounded by beautifully landscaped areas adjacent to the Yakima Greenway Path. The Yakima Arboretum gift shop is filled with unique gifts, gardeners will appreciate.…Read More. #spirits and hops trail

Date Posted - 03/23/2016

Tips for Spring Barrel Tasting

Tips for Spring Barrel Tasting

Are you ready for spring?  Yakima Valley's wineries sure are!  It's time for Spring Barrel weekend, a beautiful time of year when the blossoms are in bloom and our local wineries open their doors to showcase their new vintages.  We've put together some tips and advice to make sure you get the most out of this fantastic weekend in the Yakima Valley!…Read More. #spring barrel #spring barrel tasting #wine country #wine tasting

Date Posted - 05/12/2015

Kickin' off Festival Season!

Kickin' off Festival Season!

Plan to visit during one of the many festivals in the Yakima Valley. Celebrate the local brews, wines and cuisine, while enjoying Americana, Blues, Folk and more. Below is a listing of the festivals celebrating live music and craft beverages in the Yakima Valley, for a full listing of all the music events…Read More. # live music #festival

Date Posted - 08/04/2015

Check Out The Hop-pertunities!

Check Out The Hop-pertunities!

Hop-por·tu·ni·ty - Noun: Hop-portunity; plural noun: Hop-portunities A set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something involving hops. Example:"We will see increased hop-portunities to enjoy craft beer" Synonyms: Favorable time, occasion, moment, right set of circumstances, opening, window (of hop-portunity), and possibility. Now is the time to celebrate the hop harvest in the Yakima Valley, which grows 78% of the hops sold in the USA.  Plan to attend three festivals celebrating the craft beer made from these Yakima Valley grown hops. Visit the only Hop Museum in the nation; learn about the history of growers in the valley. Take the hop-portunity to taste what the Yakima Valley brews. Visit Hop Nation Brewing Co., Yakima Craft Brewing Co., Bale Breaker Brewery, Snipes Mountain Brewery and Restaurant; All craft breweries located in the heart of hop country…Read More. #america on tap #beer festivals #craft beer #fresh hop ale festival #hop museum #hops

Date Posted - 10/07/2015

Catch the Crush in the Yakima Valley

Catch the Crush in the Yakima Valley

It’s time to Catch the Crush!  Here’s a few tips and some sample iteneraries to make sure you get the most out of this year’s wine harvest in the Yakima Valley!…Read More. #crush #grapes #harvest

Date Posted - 11/04/2015

Toast the Season at the Yakima Craft Beverage Walk!

Toast the Season at the Yakima Craft Beverage Walk!

Come try the First Annual Downtown Yakima Craft Beverage Walk!  Explore new downtown businesses while tasting local craft beer, wine, spirits and cider!…Read More. #autumn #beer #cider #craft beverage #fall #wine #yakima valley

Date Posted - 01/13/2016

New Brewery and Boutique Hotel open up in Yakima Valley!

New Brewery and Boutique Hotel open up in Yakima Valley!

The Yakima Valley has some big new attractions opening up!  A new boutique hotel in Downtown Yakima is opening their doors, and a pizza joint in Naches just put the finishing touches on their new brewery and tasting room!  Come check them out!…Read More. #brewery #downtown #hotel #naches #yakima valley

Date Posted - 07/27/2016

Get Happy with Cocktail Hour Specials!

Get Happy with Cocktail Hour Specials!

Looking for a great way to unwind after work, but don't want to break the bank?  We've got you covered!  Here's a list of all the best happy hours going on up and down the Yakima Valley!…Read More. #craft beverages #downtown yakima #happy hour #wine country

Date Posted - 09/28/2016

Fresh Hop Beer Week is here!