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Archive for the Cultural Celebrations Category

Date Posted - 04/28/2015

Fiesta! Viva La Musica...Ole'!

Fiesta! Viva La Musica...Ole'!

Yakima Valley Community celebrates its cultural diversity with a number of music events during the year, which includes Cinco de Mayo and Viva La Música. The Cinco de Mayo celebration is in its 14th year in Yakima, and is one of the largest celebrations of its kind in the Yakima Valley.…Read More. #cinco de mayo

Date Posted - 06/16/2015

Old Town Days - Step into History

Old Town Days - Step into History

The first people to settle the city of Union Gap came by wagon train traveling to Puget Sound in 1865. Led by Dr L. H Goodwin they left the trail along the Columbia River and followed the Yakima River north. The settlers stopped at the gap between the hills, Union Gap, deciding not to continue because Goodwin’s wife was ill. Others in Goodwin's party, besides his wife and children, were his nephew Thomas, Walter Lindsey family, John Rozelle family, and William Harrington, Rozelle's son-in-law. Goodwin's wife Priscilla died on December 18, 1865, and was buried on a nearby cliff overlooking the Yakima River. This site near the Goodwin homestead became the Pioneer Cemetery. This year commemorates the 150th year of the Pioneer Graveyard, kicking off Old Town Days.…Read More. #civil war #family friendly

Date Posted - 12/16/2015

Amazing Yakima Valley Getaway Gifts!

Amazing Yakima Valley Getaway Gifts!

Do you have that special someone that you just can't find the perfect gift for?  Stop wasting money on gadgets and socks!  Give them an experience that will make memories that will last a lifetime!  Here's our helpful guide for planning your Yakima Valley getaway gift!…Read More. # yakima valley #christmas #getaway #gifts #trips

Date Posted - 05/04/2016

Downtown Yakima Summer Music Schedule

Downtown Yakima Summer Music Schedule

The Yakima Valley has quickly become a hub for live music, and this summer is no exception!  Everywhere you turn there's another talented musician walking up on a stage somewhere in the valley.  It's going to be an awesome summer in Yakima!  Come check out the schedule!…Read More. # live music #downtown summer nights #downtown yakima #music festivals

Date Posted - 10/19/2016

Halloween and HalloWINE!

Halloween and HalloWINE!

It's time to celebrate HalloWINE in the Yakima Valley!  There's events going on for ghouls and ghosts of all ages, so come check them out!…Read More. #fall #halloween #hallowine #harvest #yakima valley

Date Posted - 11/30/2016

Yakima Valley Holiday Events!

Yakima Valley Holiday Events!

The holidays are a fun and festive time of year to visit the Yakima Valley!  Come check out all the events that are going on up and down the Valley this Chrismas Season!…Read More. #christmas #downtown yakima #holiday #santa clause #sunnyside #toppenish #winter #yakima valley

Date Posted - 02/08/2017

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